Outlier update: new interview with Carla McRae


A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting young Melbourne illustrator Carla McRae. She invited me into her home—a pretty incredible apartment in North Melbourne that she shares with a bunch of other talented young’uns including fellow illustrator Evie Cahir—and I took her photo as she worked in her sun-drenched home studio. She was busy trying to finish a commission for Pentagram (the Pentagram—goals AF, right?), which she has since completed. It’s pretty amazing.

It was really inspiring to see Carla at work. I’ve been a long-time fan of her beautifully distinctive minimal illustrations, and I was really happy to learn that she’s not just majorly talented but also an A+ human.

Here’s some my favourite things Carla had to say in our interview:

“Over the last few years, some of the companies I didn't hear back from [when I cold-emailed them at the start of my career] have now hired me for work and I’m represented by one of them! I think it’s a common story that once you stop over-thinking and start working, that’s when things slowly happen.”

“Sometimes it does feel a bit pointless! There is so much amazing work, so many talented people, and it takes so long and so much practice to level up and get better.”

“I find to get past self-doubt you actually just have to get down and do the work; get a self-confidence boost by impressing yourself first.”

“My brain can always make me feel like the next job I get will be my last.”

And here’s a selection illustrations and analogue photographs from the interview:

carla copy.jpg
carla 2 1.jpeg

Read the post in its entirety here.