My love for ceramics emerged when my husband gifted me a one-day hand-building course for my birthday in 2017.

Within moments of creating my first object, I was hooked. Following a subsequent eight-week TAFE course to learn more about my rapidly growing obsession, I have been hand-building objects from my home studio since September 2017.

In my practice I use both pinching and slab building methods. I fire my work using a reduction (gas) kiln, which results in the speckles you see in the clay body and glazes.

I prefer the tactile imperfection hand-building affords, and purposefully include all manner of bumps, pits and creases in my pieces. As a result, each piece is one of a kind.

I'm inspired by shapes and textures both organic and man-made: the muddy earth, the female form, crumpled paper, melting ice-creams.

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